Your AI assistant at work

Copilot for Microsoft 365 helps you work more productively with Microsoft 365 apps, such as Teams, Word, Outlook, and Excel. It offers AI-powered chat, creative collaboration, and complex task solutions in one place.​

Supercharged productivity

Amplified creativity

Trusted security

Copilot helps you get up to speed and complete tasks quickly with AI-powered chat, smart suggestions, and personalized insights.

Copilot helps you unleash your creativity with AI-powered collaboration tools, such as Loop, Whiteboard, and OneNote.

Copilot helps you work with confidence with enterprise-grade security, privacy, and compliance.


Work seamlessly

 See how Copilot for Microsoft 365 appears in many of the apps you and your organization use every day.

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Teams


Solve complex work tasks in one place.

Stay on top of all your chats, meetings, and calls.

Create, comprehend, and elevate your documents.





 Clear your inbox and draft replies in minutes, not hours.  Transform your ideas into stunning presentations.  Analyze and visualize data expertly.