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Secure your web applications with automated penetration testing 

Provide your customers with an easy to use, automated penetration testing solution built to be a part of the development cycle and strengthen the overall security level of web applications and APIs. Drive developer productivity, decrease vulnerability exposure time, all while reducing pentesting budgets by up to 40% with Crashtest Security.

We are a Munich-based start-up, redefining web application security.

Our Security Suite enables secure development through continuous automated vulnerability scanning. Built by developers for developers, Crashtest Security allows you to build and deploy safer web applications, javascripts and API’s, empowering your team to develop securely without disruption.

With Crashtest security you are able to secure every new release before deployment. Protect your product, save development time, and slash your testing budget.



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Standard support via Email & phone during regular business hours.  Additional support and set-up packages can be booked upon request