Work Smart Voice for Microsoft Teams

Business voice direct cloud connect takes your landline connection into the cloud and connects it with Microsoft Teams. This considerably increases productivity and quality when working in teams and continuously improves user experience. All necessary hardware components of this managed SIP trunk are located in the widely available Sunrise data centers and are designed (geo-)redundantly. This cloud service does without devices that would need to be installed on the customer’s premises. The only prerequisite is an Internet connection, preferably one provided by the Sunrise mobile or landline network. All necessary hardware components of this SIP Trunk (Business Voice) are located in the widely available Sunrise data centers. This allows incoming and outgoing phone calls to any number from the Microsoft Teams app.

Existing phone numbers are ported by Sunrise, which means that there is no need for tedious renumbering. It goes without saying that you can also get new or additional phone numbers from Sunrise.



You are flexible in adapting the flat rates and can adjust them monthly in the Sunrise Business Portal (SBP) to the needs of your employees and reduce them at any time. In addition, the number of voice channels is unlimited - so you don't need to worry about how many channels you need today, tomorrow or in two years.


​There are six onboarding packages available, which contain different services. To activate Work Smart Voice for MS Teams, one of these onboarding packages must be obtained. More information about the individual Onboarding Packages can be found in the Feauture section.


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