Swiss S3 storage for your workloads

Use Amazon S3 compatible cloud storage from Backup ONE Swiss Cloud to give your applications the boost in performance and scalable storage they need. Thanks to the native S3 API, integration with existing and new applications and environments is easy. Optimal as CDN, backup storage or as central data storage for all S3 workloads.

  • 100% Swiss Cloud Storage
  • Redundant data storage
  • Amazon S3 compatible
  • Arbitrarily scalable
  • Free Ingress & Egress



The indicated price is per 1 TB S3 storage.

Billing takes place monthly based on the average consumption in GB. A measurement of the storage used is carried out every day of the month. This results in an average value in GB at the end of the month, which is billed. If an average of 1.2 TB is used during the month, 1’228.8 GB (1.2*1024) will be charged instead of 2 TB.


Your benefits with Backup ONE S3

Full performance - Modern workloads generate unprecedented amounts of data. Our customers upload and download several terabytes of data every day, around the clock. See for yourself the high performance of Backup ONE S3.

From giga to peta, your S3 storage scales from one gigabyte to dozens of petabytes without any action on your part. So you can focus entirely on your goals, and we'll make sure you have enough resources in the background.

Plannable costs - No entry costs and a fixed price per GB and month ensure optimal plannability of costs in relation to storage consumption. No surprises, no fixed costs.

Geo-redundant data storage - you have the choice between single-site or geo-redundant backup ONE S3 storage. Even the single-site variant offers world-class performance and data security, with the famous "eleven nines" in Data Durability: 99.9999999%. In the geo-redundant option you benefit from double data security.

S3 Object Lock - For immutable storage, you benefit from S3 Object Lock. This ensures that an object can no longer be edited, not even by the writing application. We will be happy to advise you on this feature and set everything up together with you.

Free of charge - Inbound and outbound traffic is free of charge. Write and read as many objects as often as you like. You only pay for the storage space you use.

Behind the Backup ONE Swiss S3 service are Dell Elastic Cloud Storage clusters operated by Backup ONE. These are otherwise used by banks, government organizations and hospitals and guarantee highest security, performance and data durability.

Swiss S3 as Dell PowerScale Cloud Tier - If you want to use Backup ONE Swiss S3 as PowerScale Cloud Tier, you will get the corresponding CloudPools license for free!

Use Cases - The versatile Object Storage

External file storage based on S3
Whether you are an international corporation or a photographer with several TB of data that needs to be stored securely. Connect your S3 compatible application to our highly secure cybercloud and use it as an external file storage. Use common S3 browsers like Cyberduck (Mac, CH), CloudMounter or any other S3-enabled app (incl. mobile apps) as the basis for a high-performance, secure and at the same time stable-running cloud drive.

Veeam Backup
Use the immutable feature of Veeam, which is directly guaranteed by Object Lock of S3 and store your backups effortlessly and conveniently in our Backup ONE Swiss Cloud. The matching storage solution to your Veeam subscription.

Hyper Backup (Synology)
Hyper Backup can be directly attached natively. Specify our Swiss S3 storage as backup destination for your Hyper Backup and get started right away. No additional software is required to back up your data.

Cloud-native web and mobile applications
Swiss S3 Storage is specifically designed for cloud-native applications. With extensive S3 compatibility for data access and Kubernetes APIs for container management, developers can integrate object storage into their continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines on a self-service basis to accelerate application development. Swiss S3 Storage's replication capabilities can distribute data across any number of sites to promote fault tolerance and low-latency access.

The ideal platform for developing modern applications that require S3. Automatic provisioning and a built-in workload sizer ensure easy provisioning of object stores and buckets. Multi-tenancy provides resource isolation, while identity and access management (IAM) policies enable secure data access.

Consolidated Datalake
Swiss S3 Storage can serve as a central data store for sensor telemetry, machine-generated logs, and application data. Multiple sites can be consolidated to eliminate data silos and provide location-independent access to data from edge to core. Objects are tagged to improve analytics and make data more discoverable.

AI and ML
Swiss S3 Storage provides scalable performance to support next-generation machine learning and artificial intelligence. Data sets can be delivered at high transfer rates to the most demanding CPU and GPU servers, allowing AI training algorithms to access more data without introducing the complexity of HPC storage. Clusters can be easily scaled to linearly increase performance and capacity.

Run fast queries on a powerful data lake to generate operational insights at the speed the business needs. With the ability to deploy analytics on NVMe-based all-flash drives, storage performance is no longer a bottleneck. Custom tags add context to data for better discoverability and faster results. S3a enables Hadoop workloads to read and write data directly to Swiss S3, eliminating the need for complex HDFS cluster management.

Backup and archiving
Swiss S3 Storage is a TCO-optimized S3 backup target and long-term archive. With ObjectScale Lock for data immutability, Data-at-Rest Encryption (D@RE), global replication, and erasure coding protection schemes, your data is protected from ransomware attacks while ensuring resilience in the event of node or disk failures.v



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