All documents available at all times

Get rid of paper archives and time-consuming searches. Find whatever you want, whenever you want. Google simple and intuitive.

Get there faster

Simply enter your keyword and you will receive a list of suitable document. Various filter options and the document preview help you to have the right document at hand quickly.

Audit-proof by the way

In the revision-proof archive, your documents are protected against loss because every document is valuable for your company. Know your documents with StarFinder® in an audit-proof filing system and simply meet the legal requirements of GoBD 2020 right away.

Everything at a glance

In the list view your can see an overview of all information about your documents. You can easily set up workflows, reminders and other editing options from here.

And the document preview gives you quick access to your document.

For the best interaction


Control the processes in your company via your documents. Use the workflow function of StarFinder® to create clear structures and responsibilities in your work processes.


You can easily meet deadlines for contracts, guarantees or other documents using the resubmission function. Simply add a reminder to your document.


Do you need some documents particularly often? Mark these documents as favorites with one click. So you have them quickly and at hand whenever you need them.

And for arranging your Documents


Would you like to link the order, delivery note and invoice? use the clamp function of the Starfinder® for this. So you have all the documents together.


Documents were places in the wrong place? No problem! Starfinder® DIGITAL ARCHIVE provides you with various functions to correct filing errors.

Process documentation

Your procedural documentation describes how your documents are received, processed and stored. Simply create a GoBD-compliant process documentation with Starfinder®.

Certified safety

Whether you run StarFinder via your own server or in the data center - Starfinder® DIGITAL ARCHIVE is a self-contained system. Starfinder® is TÜV-tested, user-friendly and can be used immediately. Your documents are safe here.