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This private cloud solution combines IT automation, security and innovation with leading cloud stacks so you can assemble any workload and service while reducing infrastructure costs and complexity.

  • Instant time to value
    With a private cloud, you save yourself costs in the long term and thus have a very attractive return on investment.
  • Pay-as-you-grow
    You can scale your hardware as needed, whether vertically or even horizontally.
  • Easy self service
    With the Ventus Cloud Console, Ventus Cloud offers an all-round carefree package from user management to Kubernetes.
  • Security on your terms
    Your private cloud - your conditions. Decide for yourself which security measures are important to you.
  • Advantages of a private cloud: Own hardware
    The hardware is installed in your data center and perfectly adapted to your needs such as security, performance, IP addresses. Your own hardware also offers you a cost saving factor of x5 compared to public cloud offerings.
  • Cloud console
    A central platform, developed by Ventus Cloud, to manage users and their resources. Create and scale cloud resources in seconds thanks to the Ventus Cloud Console.
  • 24/7 Enterprise Support
    Ventus and its partners offer 24/7 enterprise support for your private cloud, be it for architecture and general issues, to hardware support and its resolution.