Our onboarding follows the Train-the-Trainer approach, where we focus on customer requirements and structure the onboarding individually according to their needs. Within our onboarding, we train the administrators on the customer side to become FTAPI product experts so that they can train their employees internally within the company, authority, or institution and answer user queries as best as possible.

To achieve this, we will guide you step-by-step through the FTAPI platform during the onboarding and discuss all the booked or desired modules in detail. The following dates are planned for this purpose, and each session will generally last about an hour, with time allotted for post-session follow-up on the customer side.


  • personal introduction/meeting
  • Expectations for FTAPI
  • system handover
  • Webdemo: Design, Groups, User and Security Levels, Best Practice and Use Case Sharing


  • Clarifying any questions that have arisen
  • Webdemo: Administration (focus categories und templates) and Outlook Add-In
  • Best Practice und Use Case Sharing

SecuMails & SecuRooms

  • Clarifying any questions that have arisen
  • Webdemo: SecuMails, Submitbox & Outlook Add-In
  • Best Practice Submitboxes
  • Webdemo: SecuRooms
  • Best Practice und Use Case Sharing


  • Clarifying any questions that have arisen
  • Webdemo: SecuForms
  • Best Practices - optional: interaktive SecuRoom Workshop


  • Discovery workshop for identifying potential automations using FTAPI SecuFlows
  • Best Practice and Use Case Sharing

Completion of Onboarding

  • Clarifying any questions that have arisen
  • Use Cases and further applications/uses
  • Optional: Training of users

Every onboarding process starts with a joint kick-off meeting. Further appointments will be arranged with the responsible onboarding Customer Success Manager at the end of each meeting. In addition to our appointments, you can always use our manual and in the future our FTAPI Help Center to independently deepen your knowledge about FTAPI through various articles, videos, and short descriptions.

Each appointment is rounded off with a follow-up email. Use cases and best practices are adapted to meet each industry's specific customer requirements, and they serve to illustrate the immediate practical benefits of the FTAPI platform.

We recommend scheduling intervals of approximately one week between appointments, as there will be setup tasks on the client's side after each appointment, and the contacts will have enough time to implement open items and reflect on what was discussed. However, we are always flexible to adjust our onboarding process to meet the time and needs of our clients.

Even after the onboarding process, the Customer Success Team is still there for our customers. In addition to various workshop concepts, business reviews, and needs analyses, extended training concepts and project work with a shared customer success plan are also possible.