Acronis Cyber Cloud for Service Providers

Acronis Cyber Cloud CSP Contracts Acronis Cyber Cloud is a platform that enables service providers to deliver cyber protection in an easy, efficient and secure way. With a single platform, you and your customers gain access to hybrid cloud backup, disaster recovery, ransomware protection, file sync and share, and blockchain-based file notarization and e-signature services, all managed from a centralized console.

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BeTakeOff’s Change Request 10 Pack

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10 Requests

BeTakeOff’s Change Request 25 Pack

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25 Requests

BeTakeOff’s Change Request 5 Pack

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5 Requests

BeTakeOff’s FlyHigh Pack - Advanced

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Min 5 participants

BeTakeOff’s FWaaS (Firewall as a Service)

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Secure your customers' future, with our expertly managed FWaaS. BeTakeOff’s FWaaS (Firewall As A Service) takes Forcepoint NGFW on another level. While the Forcepoint NFGW firewall helps your distributed enterprise by optimizing the time necessary for administration, problem diagnosis, and responding to incidents is the top priority, we complete the experience by providing skilled software and hardware support and a wide range of security services. Forcepoint NGFW incorporates ISP load balancing, Intrusion Protection, SSL encrypted inspection, anti-malware, and centralized management and has the full range of advanced security features any modern company needs. Forcepoint SDWAN relies on Multi-Link technology to avoid the use of traditional MPLS. Thanks to the use of any ISP connection (leased lines, radio, Fiber, etc.), your private data and applications are reachable from anywhere in a secure way.

BeTakeOff’s Professional Services

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In the name of the Reseller - Cost per manday

BeTakeOff’s Tech TakeOff Pack - Basic

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Min 5 participants

Ethical Hacking and Penetration Test

Selution AG

Get hacked by the good guys – handcrafted Penetration Test Simulated cyber-attack out of a hacker’s perspective. Get detailed informations on exploitable vulnerabilities within your network and IT infrastructure and how to prioritize and address them

FileSync - Swiss cloud storage for you and your team

Backup ONE AG

Looking for cloud storage with a high standard of data protection? Then FileSync is the right choice for you. No more worries about storing your data thanks to data location in Switzerland and highly secure data centers. Get yourself and your team ready to sync, share and collaborate on internal and external files without barriers.


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