Acronis Cyber Cloud for Service Providers

Acronis Cyber Cloud CSP Contracts Acronis Cyber Cloud is a platform that enables service providers to deliver cyber protection in an easy, efficient and secure way. With a single platform, you and your customers gain access to hybrid cloud backup, disaster recovery, ransomware protection, file sync and share, and blockchain-based file notarization and e-signature services, all managed from a centralized console.

Crashtest Security

Crashtest Security

Vulnerability testing made easy Our Security Suite enables secure development through continuous automated vulnerability scanning. Built by developers for developers, Crashtest Security allows you to build and deploy safer web applications, javascripts and API’s, empowering your team to develop securely without disruption.

Ethical Hacking and Penetration Test

Selution AG

Get hacked by the good guys – handcrafted Penetration Test Simulated cyber-attack out of a hacker’s perspective. Get detailed informations on exploitable vulnerabilities within your network and IT infrastructure and how to prioritize and address them

Meeting4Display by Telelogos


Manage and book workspaces (rooms, desks…) using Meeting4Display solution. With Meeting4Display, find an available workspace, check its equipment, book it instantly and let yourself be guided to its location.

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Phishing campaign for employee training

terreActive AG

Protect yourself from phishing! We support you in this! With terreActive's Professional Service in combination with LUCY Security, we will run your phishing campaign from A to Z and provide you with the results of the investigation so you know where your organization stands in terms of phishing attacks.

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Storefront for Reseller

Alltron AG

Get your own cloud & service marketplace for your customer The Alltron Service Marketplace « Storefront » offers resellers the opportunity to give their customers access to a highly automated cloud service platform. This significantly simplifies the sales cycle and makes it more efficient. We are offering two easy-to-setup storefront editions in order to adress the reseller’s individual needs.

Swisscom ICT Assessment

Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

Risiko- und Optimierungs-Analyse Ihrer ICT-Infrastruktur. Wir analysieren Ihre ICT-Umgebung, erstellen eine umfassende Bestandesaufnahme, identifizieren Optimierungspotential und decken Risiken auf. Konzentrieren Sie sich auf Ihr Kerngeschäft und überlassen Sie die Erarbeitung von konkreten Lösungsvorschlägen einfach uns.

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viewneo - Digital Signage

Adversign Media GmbH

Award-wining cloud-based Digital Signage system Award-wining cloud-based Digital Signage system. Alternative: Fully-customizable Digital Signage designed to meet your business needs

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viewneo - Premium Partner

Adversign Media GmbH

Offer Digital Signage as a service and expand product range by becoming a viewneo Premium Partner. Offer Digital Signage as a service and expand your product range by becoming a viewneo Premium Partner. Directly manage your customer accounts including billing, administration, and content creation. Get an additional discount and the ability to provide add on services. Premium accounts also get a dedicated viewneo contact for telephone and email support. Additionally, free training courses and webinars, as well as, advertising material.

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Windows 365 Business


Hybrid Windows for a hybrid world Securely stream your Windows experience—including your personalized apps, content, and settings—from the Microsoft cloud to any device with your Windows 365 Cloud PC. Simplify setup, deployment, and management of Cloud PCs with easy, direct purchasing.

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