ThriveDX Application Security Training


Application Security Training raises the developer’s security awareness at the application level about the various security threats to their code. We help developers stay ahead of the secure code curve and build secure code with confidence. We do it by: ● Providing Innovative Training Content that teach developers how to build secure code reduce the risk of their company of being compromised ● And by delivering an Exceptional Developer Experience that empowers the developers with training that is tailored to their needs, sensitive to their busy schedule and keeps them engaged . ● Lastly, we provide Unmatched Deployment options which allows each organization to choose the easiest and seamless deployment option for them. Innovative Training Content Hyper Realistic Content Our experience shows that developers have a more effective training experience when the content is based on real-life scenarios rather than generic examples. That's why we provide the most comprehensive secure code training by providing hyper-realistic training content featuring over 300 real-life inspired scenarios, allowing developers to build secure code with confidence. Our content includes: OWASP Top 10 for Web OWASP Top 10 for API Front-end Top 10 AWS Top 10 Cloud & DevOps courses Docker Top 10 OWASP Top 10 for Mobile And more.. Attack Lifecycle - Methodology Driven Kontra is the only platform that shows the full attack lifecycle for every security topic. Plus, we are the only platform that shows the full life cycle of an attack from a hacker’s perspective. The attack lifecycle includes: Discovery - Enumeration - Exploration - Remediation Languages & Frameworks We offer over 35 languages and frameworks to developers, and we can provide any additional languages or frameworks our customers request. Industry Compliant Training When it comes to fighting cybersecurity threats, there's one thing that all organizations need to keep in mind: compliance regulations. Kontra Application Security Training content is based on OWASP top 10 standards and complies with industry regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and SOC 2 Exceptional Developer Experience Bite Sized Sessions To meet the demands of developers' busy schedules and deadlines, we offer bite-sized sessions for application security training. Each exercise is only 3-5 minutes long, and features short, effective storytelling that places developers in the middle of the action. This approach eases information absorption and reduces mental strain, enhancing the learning experience. Regular Course Updates & New Lessons We keep developers engaged with fresh content, regularly updating our courses and adding new lessons to ensure they learn the latest and most relevant information. This helps prevent boredom and complacency and keeps developers proactive in their security efforts. Our agile development process ensures we can fulfill requests quickly and precisely, giving you the content you need when you need it. Visually Stunning Interface Our platform offers an exceptional developer experience with stunning design that captures user attention and interactive stories that provide context for exercises. Step-by-step guidance, clear instructions, and visual aids make hands-on exercises easy to follow. We provide in-depth explanations of common AppSec terminology and code analysis. Unmatched Deployment Options Through our experience in education and learning, we've come to realize that the deployment of training programs is a critical factor that can impact both the effectiveness and overall experience. Our Cutting-Edge Platform Our product offers a stunning user experience with an intuitive design, easy-to-use features, and self-explanatory navigation. It also provides SAML/SSO for seamless user onboarding and powerful dashboards for compliance and reporting, making it easy to stay on top of regulatory requirements. Our Content, Your Environment Our SCORM-compliant content works with leading third-party learning management systems to enable faster integration and deployment in a platform developers already know and use. ThriveDX Security Awareness Training Our AppSec training is seamlessly integrated into our Security Awareness Training platform, making it easy to manage both programs from one place. This integration allows you to roll out both training programs from a single platform, simplifying administration and reducing complexity.

ThriveDX Security Awareness Training


Security Awareness Training is using phishing simulations and training content to increase cybersecurity awareness in order to change risky employee behavior. Formerly the award-winning Lucy Security, now ThriveDX's Security Awareness Training, is a fully-customizable, enterprise-ready, awareness and phishing solution. With ThriveDX Security Awareness Training you will be able to: Leverage advanced realistic attack simulations built for your needs (spear-phishing, smishing, vishing, and more) Train your employees with customized interactive content, to change their mindset in parallel to ensuring compliance Maximize security with flexible deployment (on cloud or on-premises) Taking the previous momentum of Lucy Security, ThriveDX's Security Awareness Training has grown to 35 million trained users, and offers 300+ editable training modules in 130 supported languages with 800+ phishing templates.


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