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Lucy Security Mail and Web Filter Test

Lucy Security AG

Get insight on how your systems handle different variations of potentially dangerous file types Through a phishing simulation, you find out that some of your employees activate macros in Word documents. But what harm could a real attacker do with such a macro? Are there any other file types that an attacker could deliver to your employees? These and other questions will be answered in the technical tests. The e-mail and internet malware filter test gives you an insight on how your mail server and web proxy handle different variations of potentially dangerous file types. You can thus see whether potential malicious code, such as java files, backdoors, scripts, embedded office objects, etc. are detected and blocked by the infrastructure. Based on these results, you can then carry out targeted phishing campaigns or close discovered gaps.

Lucy Security Malware Testing Toolkit

Lucy Security AG

Run Malware Tests & Simulations on your Companies Infrastructure To reduce the risk from malware in your environment, you also need safe and effective ways to test your systems. This is where LUCY’s Malware Simulation Toolkit (LHFC) comes into play. LHFC is an advanced malware simulation suite capable of emulating various threat simulations equivalent to many of the tools employed by hackers. The local windows test (LHFC) will let you know if your defences work in case an employee executes a malicious file.